Yonex YTL4 Womens T-Shirt (Infinite Blue)
Yonex YTL4 Womens T-Shirt (Infinite Blue)
Yonex YTL4 Womens T-Shirt (Infinite Blue)
Yonex YTL4 Womens T-Shirt (Infinite Blue)

Yonex YTL4 Womens T-Shirt (Infinite Blue)

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Colour:Infinite Blue

Yonex YTL4 Women's T-Shirt

Elevate your game with style, comfort, and uncompromising performance with the Yonex YTL4 Women's T-Shirt.


  • Lightweight: Play unrestricted. The ultra-lightweight design ensures that nothing comes between you and your best performance.

  • 100% Polyester: Premium quality polyester ensures durability, resilience, and excellent moisture management.


The Yonex YTL4 Women's T-Shirt is designed with the athlete in mind. Perfect for a wide range of racket sports, be it badminton, tennis, or squash, this t-shirt is your ideal partner on the court. The chic piping design lends a smart and sophisticated look to the t-shirt.

The fabric, made of 100% polyester, promises unparalleled comfort. Its lightweight nature ensures that your movements are fluid and unrestricted, while its breathability keeps you feeling fresh even during the most gruelling of matches. The t-shirt efficiently wicks away sweat, ensuring that moisture doesn't hinder your game. The crew neck design and the raglan-style sleeves further enhance comfort, providing a better range of motion and a snug fit.

Yonex understands the demands of top-level sports. Keeping calm and maintaining optimal body temperature are crucial in clutch moments. That's why Yonex clothing is engineered to dry sweat swiftly and regulate body temperature, ensuring that you remain at your comfortable best.

Designed for champions, the Yonex YTL4 T-Shirt prioritizes easy movement and maximum comfort. The navy blue hue adds a touch of elegance, making you look as good as you play.

Product Details:

  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Navy Blue
  • Design: Smart piping design with crew neck and raglan sleeves
  • Benefits: Lightweight, breathable, sweat-wicking, and designed for optimal range of motion.

Choose the Yonex YTL4 Women's T-Shirt – where style meets performance.