Kit Builder

• Minimum order of just 10 T-Shirts and 20 for Long Sleeve Tops and Bottoms
• Six weeks from order to delivery
• Guaranteed stock and delivery times
• Option for your own online shop

Yonex Teamwear Kit Builder - Design your kit & Yonex Customised Teamwear. 
All items can be personalised using your name, country, club, badge or sponsor.

Fully customise your Yonex Teamwear now.

Why YC Sports' CustomiSed Teamwear is Awesome!

Elevate team unity, exude confidence, and stand out with YC Sports' customised.

Boost Team Spirit & Togetherness
  • Unite your team and make them feel proud to be part of something special.
  • Strengthen bonds, encourage teamwork, and foster a sense of camaraderie.
  • Increase motivation and morale, leading to better performance on and off the field.
Look Like A Pro
  • Impress everyone with a professional and well-coordinated appearance.
  • Show off a sleek and organized image that makes your team stand out.
  • Customize your uniforms to have a personalized touch that reflects your team's unique style.
Stand Out From the Crowd
  • Create a distinctive brand and visual identity for your team.
  • Build a strong presence that catches people's attention and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Make players and supporters feel connected and part of something special with customized designs.