Yonex Vcore 25in 100 JR Strung 2023
Yonex Vcore 25in 100 JR Strung 2023

Yonex Vcore 25in 100 JR Strung 2023

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Hey, tennis lovers, listen up, I got something to say,
'Bout a racket that'll make you slay all day,
It's the Yonex VCore 25, designed for the juniors,
High performance vibes, nothing could be purer.

Yonex's here to bring the heat, turn up the thrill,
With the Yonex VCore 25, you'll dominate the court for real,
Easy maneuverability, reduced air resistance, let it spin,
Enlarged sweet spot, this racket's a true win.

For the high-performance juniors, it's their ultimate tool,
Unleash your talent, show 'em who rules,
240 grams of pure power, it's lightweight and strong,
Feel the agility, as you dance along.

With 100 square inches of head size, it's a game changer,
Strike the ball, watch it soar, nothing's stranger,
315 millimeters of balance, find your groove,
This racket's got swag, it'll make your opponents move.

The 16x18 string pattern, it's all about control,
Hit those precise shots, make your rivals fall,
25 inches in length, the perfect fit,
Graphite composition, craftsmanship that's legit.

So grab the Yonex VCore 25, get in the game,
Feel the power, the glory, it's never the same,
You and Yonex, a match made in heaven,
Elevate your tennis skills, take it up to eleven.

This ain't just a racket, it's a statement of style,
And here with Yonex, we go the extra mile,
Unleash your passion, with every swing,
The Yonex VCore 25, it's a championship ring.


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 240
Head Size in Sq. in 100
Balance (+/- 5mm) 315
String Pattern 16x18
Length (inches) 25
Composition Graphite