Yonex Clean Grap AC147EX

Yonex Clean Grap AC147EX

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Yonex Clean Grap is designed to provide a superior and hygienic grip for players, aiding in enhancing performance during the game. It comes with an anti-microbe coating and is deodorizing, ensuring that the grip remains fresh and free from bacteria build-up.


  • Material: 100% Polyurethane, Odourless
  • Size per Grap:
    • Width: 25mm
    • Length: 1200mm
    • Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Quantity: Pack of 3 Graps
  • Colour: Silver / Black Mix
  • Design: Metallic Print


  1. Anti-Microbe Coating: Helps in reducing bacteria building up on the handle.
  2. Deodorizing: The 'ODOURLESS' material provides anti-bacterial properties and deodorizes, supporting hygienic play.
  3. Long-Lasting Grip: Offers superior wet feel and non-slip grip.
  4. Visible Replacement Indicator: Replace the grip when the printing on the grip fades.
  5. Metallic Print Design: Adds a stylish and modern look to the racket.


The Yonex AC147EX Clean Grap, available in a pack of 3, is a high-quality overwrap designed to offer long-lasting, superior, and hygienic grip for players. Each grap is 1200mm long, 25mm wide, and 0.6mm thick, and they are made from 100% polyurethane material that is odourless, providing anti-bacterial properties and deodorizing support for hygienic play.

These grips are ideal for those who seek to maintain cleanliness and want a grip that remains fresh over time. The metallic print design gives a modern and stylish look to your racket, while the high-quality material ensures a non-slip grip even when wet, allowing for enhanced performance during the game.

The grips come with a clear indicator for replacement: it is advised to replace the grip when the printing on it fades, ensuring that you always have the best quality grip on your racket.

User Benefit:

  • Hygienic Play: The anti-microbe coating and deodorizing feature prevent bacteria build-up, supporting clean and hygienic play.
  • Enhanced Performance: The non-slip grip and superior wet feel aid in improving performance during the game.
  • Stylish Look: The metallic print design adds a modern and stylish look to your racket.
  • Convenient Pack: Comes in a pack of 3, allowing for timely replacements when needed.


Yonex AC147EX Clean Grap is not just another overwrap; it is a blend of style, hygiene, and performance. With its anti-microbe coating and deodorizing feature, it ensures that players have a clean and fresh grip every time they play. The non-slip and long-lasting grip aid in enhancing performance, while the metallic print design adds a stylish touch to the racket. This pack of 3 grips is ideal for players who prioritize hygiene, performance, and style in their game equipment.