Yonex AC102EX Wet Super Grap (Single) White

Yonex AC102EX Wet Super Grap (Single) White

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Yonex AC102-30EX Wet Super Grap Overgrip


The Yonex AC102-30EX Super Grap Overgrips are renowned as the UK's most popular overgrip, revered for delivering excellent touch and grip on rackets. They are perfect for players who seek to maximize playability by ensuring superior handle grip, shock reduction, and excellent sweat absorption during their games.

Product Details:

  • Pack: Contains 36 Overgrips.
  • Colour: Available in White and Black.
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 25mm
    • Length: 1,200mm
    • Thickness: 0.6mm
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Item Code: AC102-30EX


  1. Enhanced Grip:

    • Provides excellent touch and a secure grip on the racket, ensuring better control and handling during play.
  2. Shock Reduction:

    • Minimizes the impact shock when hitting, reducing the strain on the hand and ensuring a more comfortable playing experience.
  3. Superior Sweat Absorption:

    • Efficiently absorbs sweat, maintaining a dry and comfortable grip on the racket, even during intensive play.
  4. Value Pack:

    • The pack of 36 is a cost-effective choice for players who need a long-lasting supply of quality overgrips.
  5. Polyurethane Material:

    • Durable and comfortable, providing a soft and responsive feel on the racket handle.


Yonex AC102-30EX Super Grap Overgrips are designed for players who desire enhanced touch, control, and comfort in their games. They offer a secure grip, effective shock reduction, and superior sweat absorption, making them the go-to choice for many players. The pack of 36 overgrips is an economical option, ensuring that players have enough supply to last through the season. The use of polyurethane as the material promises durability and comfort, delivering a responsive feel during play.

User Benefit:

Players seeking enhanced racket handling and comfort during their games will find these overgrips highly beneficial. The enhanced grip, shock reduction, and sweat absorption features of the Yonex AC102-30EX Super Grap Overgrips ensure a smoother and more controlled playing experience. The bulk pack offers great value, providing a long-lasting supply of overgrips to players.


Yonex AC102-30EX Super Grap Overgrips stand out as a top choice for players looking for the perfect blend of grip, comfort, and value. They offer enhanced racket handling, reduce shock during hits, and efficiently manage sweat, ensuring a comfortable and controlled play experience. The pack of 36 provides excellent value, making it a favourite among players who need a steady supply of reliable and high-quality overgrips. Whether you are a casual player or a competitive athlete, these overgrips promise to elevate your game by delivering superior touch and control.