Yehlex 20 Racket Towel Roll (Royal  Blue)

Yehlex 20 Racket Towel Roll (Royal Blue)

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Yehlex 20 Racket Towel Grip Roll

The Yehlex 20 Racket Towel Grip Roll is an excellent choice for badminton players who prioritize comfort and effective moisture management. This grip roll is designed to provide high-quality performance and great value for money. Here are some key features and benefits:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Top-Quality Thick Pile Towel Grip: Designed with a thick pile, the grip ensures a soft and comfortable feel, which can be crucial during long matches.

  2. High Moisture Absorption: The towel grip is highly effective at absorbing moisture, reducing slippage caused by sweaty hands and providing a consistent grip throughout the game.

  3. Economic Value: The roll contains enough towel grip material to re-grip up to 20 badminton rackets, offering great value for clubs, teams, or individual players with multiple rackets.

  4. Durability: Unlike some cheaper alternatives, the Yehlex Towel Grip is made to last, ensuring that players won't have to frequently replace their grips.

  5. Easy to Cut and Apply: You can easily cut the grip to your desired length and wrap it around your racket handle for a custom fit.

Use Case:

This towel grip roll is particularly suitable for players who experience high levels of hand perspiration and need a grip that can handle intense moisture without losing effectiveness. It's also ideal for players who prefer a softer and more comfortable grip on their rackets.

Application Tips:

  • Measure and cut the grip to the required length for your racket handle.
  • Remove the backing paper (if present) and wrap the grip around the handle, ensuring it's evenly applied without any creases.
  • Secure the grip at both ends with finishing tape for a neat and secure fit.


The Yehlex 20 Racket Towel Grip Roll is a high-quality, cost-effective solution for badminton players who need reliable moisture absorption and comfort from their racket grips. Its durability and high moisture absorption make it a smart choice for both recreational and competitive players.

COLOUR Royal Blue
LENGTH 20 Re Grips
MATERIAL Quality Towel