Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring
Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring
Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring
Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring
Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring

Wilson Ultra 100L V4.0 WR108411 (Unstrung) Free Restring

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Wilson Ultra 100L V4 Tennis Racket: Superior Playability in a Lighter Frame

Product Overview:

For players in pursuit of a lighter racket that doesn’t skimp on performance, the Wilson Ultra 100L V4 offers the ideal blend of playability and power. Dressed in mesmerising colour-shifting blues that change as light interacts with the frame, it's a racket that looks as dynamic as it performs.

Key Features:

  1. Lightweight Construction: The Ultra 100L V4 is designed for those who prefer a more agile racket. Its lightweight build ensures ease of movement, quicker reactions, and reduced strain on the arm, making those prolonged rallies less taxing.

  2. Innovative FORTYFIVE° Technology: Experience unparalleled stability and comfort. The inclusion of FORTYFIVE° in the racket's construction ensures smoother swings, giving players the confidence to hit with precision and power.

  3. Expanded Sweet Spot: With the all-new geometry, the Sweet Spot Channel has been expanded, allowing players to hit with increased power, making every shot count.

  4. Ergonomic Design: Reduced bulk in the beam ensures a sleeker look and ergonomic feel. Move, swing, and strike with a racket that feels like a natural extension of your arm.

  5. Commitment to Sustainability: With a keen focus on reducing environmental impact, the Ultra 100L V4 incorporates plant-based materials like Agiplast in its bumper, grommet, and end-cap components. It’s a commitment to the planet that goes hand in hand with stellar performance.

  6. Dazzling Aesthetics: The unique color-shifting blue design isn’t just eye-catching; it’s symbolic of the dynamic and fluid nature of the game of tennis itself.

The Wilson Ultra 100L V4 tennis racket is the embodiment of lightweight efficiency combined with power-packed performance. Its innovative design, featuring FORTYFIVE° technology and an expanded Sweet Spot, ensures players have the edge on the court. The striking colour-shifting blue design coupled with its commitment to sustainability makes it a must-have for the environmentally-conscious tennis enthusiast. Elevate your game with a racket that promises effortless power, agility, and sustainability.

Embrace the future of tennis with the Wilson Ultra 100L V4. A lightweight frame that packs a punch, combined with cutting-edge technology and sustainable materials. Stand out with its colour-shifting design while you dominate the court. Effortless power, redefined.

Head (sq cm) 645
Head (sq in) 100
Length (cm) 68.58
Length (in) 27
Strung balance (cm) 33
Strung balance (pts) -4
Strung weight (grams) 296
Strung weight (ounces) 10.44
Taper System (mm) 24-26.5-24.25
Unstrung balance (cm) 32
Unstrung balance (pts) -7
Unstrung weight (grams) 280
Unstrung weight (ounces) 9.88