Wilson REVOLVE SPIN 16 REEL 1.30mm
Wilson REVOLVE SPIN 16 REEL 1.30mm

Wilson REVOLVE SPIN 16 REEL 1.30mm

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Size:200m Reel

Revolve Spin Tennis String - 200m Reel

Elevate your tennis game with the unparalleled Revolve Spin Tennis String, available in a generous 200m reel. Expertly crafted for passionate players who never compromise on quality, this string is a game-changer in spin control, durability, and consistent performance.

Key Features:

  • Unique Pentagonal Shape: Experience enhanced ball grip and exceptional spin with every strike. Our five-sided geometric design ensures that your shots have that additional bite, giving you an edge on the court.

  • Ultra-Slick UHMW Additive: Designed with the Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) additive, this string boasts a super slick surface. Benefit from the rapid snap-back effect, essential for generating sharp, game-changing spin.

  • Crosslink Ester Polymer Composition: Beyond power and spin, the Revolve Spin string delivers unmatched feel. Its advanced polymer ensures prolonged tension, offering a consistent touch, shot after shot.

  • Durable 16 Gauge Thickness: Measuring at a robust 1.3mm, this string offers superior control and longevity. Ideal for players who seek precision and a string that endures rigorous play.


  1. Spin Mastery: Unlock superior spin control and dominate your opponent. Each facet of the string is designed to maximize your spin potential.

  2. Long-Lasting Performance: Crafted for endurance, enjoy extended playtime without frequent restringing.

  3. Consistent Tension: With its state-of-the-art polymer, expect unwavering tension for a reliable playing experience.

  4. Bulk Advantage: Presented in a 200m reel, it's an economical choice for avid players or those managing multiple rackets.

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Unlock unmatched spin control, enjoy long-lasting play, and make every shot count with the Revolve Spin Tennis String. Perfect for players seeking an edge. Order yours today and transform your tennis experience!

The Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String is a co-polyester string designed to provide exceptional spin potential and performance on the tennis court. Here are the key features of this string:

  • 3-Bump Twist Construction: The Revolve Spin string utilizes an innovative 3-bump twist construction, which allows the string to dig into the ball more effectively. This increased bite and snap-back help generate exceptional spin on shots, giving players better control and trajectory.

  • Crosslink Ester-Polymer Composition: The string is made from a crosslink ester-polymer composition, which enhances the feel and tension maintenance of the string. This composition improves the overall playability, providing a comfortable and consistent response throughout the life of the string.

  • Low Friction Coating: The Revolve Spin string features a low friction coating that helps reduce string-to-string friction, allowing for smoother string movement and potentially enhancing spin generation. The coating also contributes to the overall durability of the string.

Overall, the Wilson Revolve Spin Tennis String is designed to offer players exceptional spin potential, feel, and tension maintenance. Its 3-bump twist construction and crosslink ester-polymer composition provide excellent bite and snap-back, resulting in enhanced spin on shots. The low friction coating further improves the string's performance and durability.

Wilson Revolve Spin is a specialized co-polyester tennis string designed to offer advanced players enhanced spin, control, and durability. It features a unique five-sided profile that helps generate extra spin on the ball, allowing players to impart more spin and control their shots effectively.

The string has a gauge of 1.30mm, also known as 16 gauge, which refers to the thickness of the string. Thinner gauges tend to provide more feel and spin potential, while sacrificing some durability compared to thicker gauges. However, 1.30mm is still a relatively durable gauge, making it suitable for players who frequently break strings or generate high levels of spin.

Wilson Revolve Spin is available in two color options: black and green. Players can choose the color that best suits their personal preference or matches their racket aesthetics.

Due to its advanced characteristics, Wilson Revolve Spin is recommended for more experienced players who have developed a strong attacking game and prioritize spin and control in their playstyle. It can be a valuable asset for players who rely on aggressive shots, heavy topspin, and precise shot placement.

As always, it's important to experiment and find the string and tension that work best for your individual game. String selection can have a significant impact on your performance, so consider seeking advice from a tennis professional or a racket technician to ensure you make an informed decision.