Wilson Minions Market Spots WR8414001

Wilson Minions Market Spots WR8414001

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Wilson Minions Marker Spots: Target Practice with a Playful Twist!

Inject some animated fun into your tennis sessions with Wilson's Minions Marker Spots! These movie-themed targets are perfect for players looking to add some entertainment to their drills while refining their precision. Whether you're practicing your footwork or perfecting your aim, these markers bring both challenge and charm to your game.


  • Engaging Design: Celebrate your love for tennis and the Minions! These marker spots showcase iconic characters from the beloved movie franchise, ensuring each hit or miss is accompanied by a smile.

  • Versatile Usage: Whether you're working on your target hitting, engaging in on-court games, or focusing on footwork drills, these markers cater to various training needs. Their design ensures players of all levels benefit from them.

  • Minimal Interference: No more worries about stumbling over raised targets. The Wilson Minions Marker Spots lay flat on the court, ensuring safety and preventing any hindrance to your movement.

  • Highly Visible: Thanks to their vibrant designs and recognizable Minion characters, these markers are easily visible from any corner of the court, ensuring you always have your target in sight.

  • Package Details: Every set comes with six uniquely designed marker spots, each featuring a different Minion character, amplifying the fun factor.

Take your tennis training up a notch with a dash of cinematic flair! Wilson's Minions Marker Spots combine functionality with fun, ensuring your practice sessions are productive yet entertaining. Aim for the Minions and refine your skills with every swing!