Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)
Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)
Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)
Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)
Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)
Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)

Victor Thruster Ryuga II (Unstrung)

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Victor Thruster Ryuga II

Product Description:
The Victor Thruster Ryuga 2 is part of Victor's premium badminton racket line. It's crafted for players who prefer an aggressive style of play, particularly those who excel in delivering powerful smashes and swift, decisive shots. To strengthen the rebound and stability performance during continuous attacks, TK-RYUGA II is equipped with innovative shaft technology WES 2.0 and FREECORE synthetic handle.

Key Features:

Frame and Shaft Composition: Typically made with high-quality carbon fiber, ensuring a sturdy yet lightweight construction, beneficial for both durability and performance.
Head-Heavy Balance: The racket is characterized by its head-heavy balance, which adds extra momentum to swings, making it ideal for powerful smashes and clears.
Stiff Shaft: Known for its stiff shaft, which offers better control and precise shot-making capabilities. This is particularly advantageous for players with strong technique and wrist action.
Advanced Technologies: Incorporates Victor's latest technologies, designed to maximize energy transfer and reduce air resistance, enhancing both power and speed in shots.
Aesthetic Appeal: Often features a dynamic and visually appealing design, reflective of its powerful characteristics.

Maintenance Tips:

Proper Stringing: Regularly check and maintain the string tension to ensure optimal performance and durability.
Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Store the racket in a temperature-controlled environment to prevent damage from extreme heat or cold.
Regular Inspection: Regularly inspect the racket for any signs of wear or damage, especially in the frame and strings.
Handle with Care: Avoid clashing the racket against hard surfaces to prevent frame damage.


The Victor Thruster Ryuga 2 stands as an excellent choice for advanced or professional badminton players seeking a racket that delivers power and precision. Its head-heavy balance and stiff shaft make it a formidable weapon for aggressive play styles, while its high-quality construction ensures durability and longevity. It's less suitable for beginners or players who prefer a more flexible and evenly balanced racket. Regular maintenance and careful handling are key to preserving its high-performance qualities.

Weight/Grip Size 3U/G5, 4U/G5
Recommended Tension Up to 32 lbs (3U), 31 lbs (4U)
Balance Head Heavy
Frame Composition High Resilient Modulus Graphite + HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY
Shaft Composition High Resilient Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.6 SHAFT
Colour Purple