VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)
VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)
VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)
VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)
VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)
VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)

VICTOR Thruster K 11 C (Strung)

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Victor Thruster K 11 C

Product Description:

The Victor Thruster K 11 C is a badminton racket that perfectly blends power and flexibility. It features a slightly head-heavy balance which aids in delivering powerful smashes and clears, making it an ideal choice for aggressive players. The flexible shaft of the racket ensures that even players with less powerful strokes can generate significant power.

Key Features:

Slightly Head-Heavy Balance: Designed for players who seek extra momentum in their strokes, particularly effective in generating powerful smashes.
Flexible Shaft: Provides a whip-like effect for additional power, especially useful for players with a less aggressive swing.
Power Box Design: The box-shaped frame enhances stability and anti-torque, allowing the racket to withstand higher string tensions.
SEVEN SIX76 String Pattern: This unique single-pass grommet hole construction minimizes friction between strings, reducing tension loss and prolonging string life.


Store in a dry, cool place away from extreme temperatures.
Avoid stepping on the racket or subjecting it to heavy impact.
Use a racket cover for protection during transportation.


Overall, the Victor Thruster K 11 C is a versatile and powerful badminton racket, suitable for players looking to add an extra punch to their game while enjoying a flexible and comfortable playing experience.

Weight 86g (4UG5)
Materials Graphite + Resin
Very Flexible
Balance Slightly Light Heavy
Colour Black