Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

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The Lobster Elite Liberty battery operated ball machine aimed at beginner to intermediate tennis players.

The ball speed can be adjusted for a minimum of 20 all the way to 80mph

The manual option to adjust the ball elevation too- from 0-50 degrees.

Ball interval adjusted from 2-10 seconds max to recreate the intensity you desire.

Top spin and back spin settings for the liberty of top spin control and changing rallies etc.

Wheels also provided for easy transportation around the court or tennis centre.

Horizontal oscillator- allows swivelling for different feeds from singles court to doubles court and optional bounce options too.

Interactive and buttoned panel on the back of the machine to adjust settings and set it to your own level.

Provided with a 2 function remote control- for example feed on/off

Optional 2 function remote control (feed on/off & sweep on/off).

The machine has a capacity of 150 tennis balls.

Up to 4 hours of ball machine time and a continuous running time of 2 hours.

Comes with a 1 amp smart charger- if machine has not been used in a long time, battery needs to be fully charged and topped up at least once a month.