Karakal PU Super Grip (24 box) Black

Karakal PU Super Grip (24 box) Black

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The Karakal PU Super Grip is renowned as the world’s most popular and number one PU grip for all racket sport players. Introduced over 30 years ago, it has continually improved, especially with the addition of 'Nano' sized particles at a molecular level, which has significantly enhanced its durability, gripping power, and comfort.

Key features of the Karakal PU Super Grip include:

  • New SRF (Slow Release Formula) Surface: This innovative surface extends the life of the grip and provides a great feel.
  • Super Absorbent and Super Tacky: These qualities ensure a secure grip, making it ideal for intense play, even in sweaty conditions.
  • Extra Thick Design: Provides additional cushioning for comfort, reducing hand fatigue.
  • Self Adhesive with Universal Length: Ensures easy application and suitability for a wide range of rackets.
  • Extra Long Life: Designed for durability and long-lasting use.

This grip is a top choice among racket sports players for its blend of comfort, durability, and performance enhancement. Whether you're a professional or an amateur, the Karakal PU Super Grip can significantly improve your playing experience.