Head IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racket
Head IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racket

Head IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racket

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IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racquet: Elevate Young Champions' Play

Overview: Step into the future of junior tennis with the IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racquet. Tailored for youngsters aged 4 to 6, this racquet offers an impeccable fusion of speed, control, and groundbreaking technology. Designed with a lightweight graphite composite and boasting a modern aesthetic, it ensures young talents experience their first shots on the court with joy and confidence.

Key Features:

  • Tailored for Tiny Champs: Crafted specifically for kids aged 4 to 6, this racquet offers the perfect blend of speed and control, enabling them to master their game from a young age.
  • Optimal Construction: Made from lightweight graphite composite, the racquet assures easy maneuverability and superb playability, setting the stage for many victorious matches.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Featuring Innegra technology, the racquet offers unparalleled shock absorption and improved stability, ensuring every shot is executed with precision.
  • Enhanced Feel: The integrated Damp Plus technology ensures that the impact vibration is absorbed before reaching the handle, providing young players with an unmatched feel of the ball.
  • Stylish & Modern: The racquet's contemporary design not only ensures top-tier performance but also makes a bold statement on the court.

Conclusion: The IG Speed Jr. 21 Tennis Racquet is more than just a racquet; it's a young champion's best friend on the court. Every feature, from its lightweight construction to its advanced Innegra technology, is curated to ensure your child's earliest tennis memories are filled with fun, growth, and passion. Gift them the best start in the world of tennis; choose the IG Speed Jr. 21.


WEIGHT (UNSTRUNG):200 g / 7.1 oz


HEAD SIZE:590 cm² / 91 in²

GRIP SIZE:000, 0000

BALANCE:250 mm / 0.7 in HL

LENGTH:535 mm / 21 in

BEAM:20 mm

AGE:4 - 6