Wilson Fusion XL WR090810
Wilson Fusion XL WR090810

Wilson Fusion XL WR090810

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Wilson Fusion XL Tennis Racket: Power Meets Playability

Product Overview:

Discover a renewed passion for the game of tennis with the Fusion XL. Crafted with beginners and recreational players in mind, this oversize adult racket doesn't just promise power but ensures comfort and playability are at the forefront of your game.

Key Features:

  • V-Matrix Technology: Dive deeper into every shot with a larger sweet spot, amplifying power and responsiveness, ensuring you don't miss out even on off-centered strikes.

  • AirLite Alloy Construction: Achieve peak performance without the weight. The Fusion XL's AirLite alloy frame is meticulously designed for both strength and agility, allowing swift movements with enduring durability.

  • Stop Shock Sleeves: No more jarring impacts. Integrated Stop Shock Sleeves decrease racket vibration, offering a smoother feel with every hit, reducing fatigue, and enhancing your on-court experience.

  • Oversized Head: Unlock unparalleled power with a 112-square inch head that not only boosts power but offers immense forgiveness for those less-than-perfect shots.

  • Extended Length: Never miss a shot with extra length on the Fusion XL, ensuring extended reach and optimal court coverage, making those wide shots more attainable.

  • Ready to Play: No need to wait. The Fusion XL comes pre-strung, so you can step onto the court and start playing right away.


Elevate your tennis journey with the Wilson Fusion XL racket. Whether you're new to the sport or a casual player, this racket is meticulously crafted to enhance your game, offering a perfect blend of power, comfort, and playability. Its standout V-Matrix Technology and AirLite Alloy frame composition are just the beginning. Every feature, from the Stop Shock Sleeves to its generous head size, has been designed keeping the player in mind. Dive into a game-changing experience with Fusion XL and feel the difference in every swing. Step onto the court with confidence, every time.

    Head (sq cm) 723
    Head (sq in) 112
    Length (cm) 69.9
    Length (in) 27.5
    String Pattern 16x19
    Strung balance (cm) 33.0
    Strung balance (pts) +6
    Strung weight (grams) 291
    Strung weight (ounces) 10.3
    Taper System (mm) 21
    Unstrung balance (cm) 32.0
    Unstrung balance (pts) +9
    Unstrung weight (grams) 274
    Unstrung weight (ounces) 9.7