BullPadel Indiga PWR Padel Racket 24
BullPadel Indiga PWR Padel Racket 24
BullPadel Indiga PWR Padel Racket 24
BullPadel Indiga PWR Padel Racket 24

BullPadel Indiga PWR Padel Racket 24

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Introducing the BULLPADEL INDIGA PWR 24 Racket, designed to bring out the best in every amateur player. Known for its ultra-lightweight design, this diamond-shaped racket combines comfort and manageability with the power needed to dominate occasional games. Bullpadel, the world's number one padel brand, has meticulously crafted this racket to offer maximum power and precision, making it the ideal choice for players looking to elevate their game.

Key Features:

  • Shape & Power: The INDIGA PWR 24 features a diamond shape, specifically engineered to provide maximum power. This design allows players to deliver more forceful hits while maintaining control.
  • Polyglass Fibreglass External Core: The Polyglass fibreglass exterior ensures durability and flexibility, providing a larger sweet spot for better ball contact and a more forgiving performance.
  • SoftEva Rubber Internal Core: This innovative core material offers exceptional comfort and shock absorption, reducing strain on your arm and allowing for extended play without discomfort.
  • Fibreglass Frame with Carbon Reinforcements: The frame is constructed from high-quality fibreglass and fortified with structural carbon reinforcements, delivering superior strength and stability without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Grip Zone Technology: The new Grip Zone feature is designed to assist amateur players who often lose the contact zone by extending their arms too much. This technology helps you prepare better for receiving the ball, offering more time to get into position and keeping your arms close to your body for a higher quality hit and improved ball control.


The INDIGA PWR 24 is tailored for amateur players seeking an easy-to-handle racket that doesn't compromise on power. Its lightweight construction, combined with innovative technologies, ensures you can play comfortably and effectively. Whether you're an occasional player or just starting out, this racket provides the perfect balance of power, control, and comfort.

Ideal For:

  • Amateur Players: Specifically designed for those who play occasionally and are looking for a racket that offers power without compromising on comfort and control.
  • Power-Focused Players: Ideal for players who want to maximize their hitting power while maintaining manageability.

Technical Specifications:

  • External Core: Polyglass Fibreglass
  • Internal Core: SoftEva Rubber
  • Frame: Fibreglass with Structural Carbon Reinforcements
  • Technology: Grip Zone
  • Shape: Diamond
  • Weight: Ultra Lightweight

Embrace the power and precision of the BULLPADEL INDIGA PWR 24 Racket. With its advanced materials and thoughtful design, this racket is perfect for amateur players looking to improve their performance on the court. Experience the superior power, comfort, and control that only Bullpadel can deliver. Get ready to dominate your game with the INDIGA PWR 24.