BullPadel BP10 EVO Padel Racket 24
BullPadel BP10 EVO Padel Racket 24
BullPadel BP10 EVO Padel Racket 24
BullPadel BP10 EVO Padel Racket 24

BullPadel BP10 EVO Padel Racket 24

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Discover the next level of padel performance with the BULLPADEL BP10 EVO 24 Racket. Renowned as the world's leading padel brand, Bullpadel has crafted the BP10 Evo 24 to meet the demands of intermediate and advanced players seeking unparalleled control and stability.

Key Features:

  • Shape & Balance: The BP10 Evo boasts a round shape with a low balance, making it highly maneuverable and precise, perfect for players who prioritize control and quick reflexes on the court.
  • Polyglass Fibreglass External Core: Engineered for durability and flexibility, the Polyglass fibreglass exterior ensures optimal ball contact and enhances the racket's lifespan.
  • SoftEva Rubber Internal Core: The innovative SoftEva rubber core provides exceptional comfort and shock absorption, reducing the impact on your arm and enabling longer, more enjoyable playing sessions.
  • 100% Carbon Fibre CarbonTube Frame: Constructed from premium carbon fibre, the CarbonTube frame delivers superior strength and rigidity, ensuring a lightweight feel without compromising on durability.
  • STREinforce System: Bullpadel's unique STREinforce system integrates a small channel along the side of the frame. This advanced feature significantly boosts stability while reducing the racket's overall weight, offering players enhanced control and precision with every swing.

Why Choose the BULLPADEL BP10 EVO 24?

The BP10 Evo 24 is designed to elevate your game with its cutting-edge materials and innovative technologies. Whether you're perfecting your technique or dominating the court, this racket provides the perfect blend of power, control, and comfort. Experience the difference with Bullpadel, the brand trusted by professional and passionate padel players worldwide.

Ideal For:

  • Intermediate to Advanced Players: Perfectly suited for those who have mastered the basics and are looking to refine their skills with a high-performance racket.
  • Control-Focused Players: Ideal for players who prioritize control, precision, and maneuverability in their gameplay.

Technical Specifications:

  • External Core: Polyglass Fibreglass
  • Internal Core: SoftEva Rubber
  • Frame: 100% Carbon Fibre CarbonTube
  • Technology: STREinforce System
  • Shape: Round
  • Balance: Low

Upgrade your game with the BULLPADEL BP10 EVO 24 Racket and feel the difference that world-class engineering and innovation bring to your padel performance. Explore the unmatched stability, control, and comfort that this exceptional racket offers, and take your place among the elite padel players.