Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite STRUNG 2020 102445
Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite STRUNG 2020 102445

Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite STRUNG 2020 102445

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Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite: The Ultimate Beginner's Tennis Racket


Welcome to the next evolution in tennis rackets: The Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite. Tailored for novices and juniors stepping into the adult game, this racket is your ticket to unparalleled power and unmatched ease on the court.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Mastery: The Pure Drive Super Lite, as its name suggests, boasts a featherlight design. Ideal for those transitioning into the adult game, this racket offers quick swings, reduced arm strain, and effortless maneuverability.

  • Unleash Explosive Power: The Babolat legacy of power continues. Infused with the cutting-edge HTR System, this racket guarantees enhanced High Torsional Rigidity. Simply put, even the most aggressive shots are met with amplified energy transfer, ensuring dominant power on every play.

  • Supreme Comfort with SWX Pure Feel: Play longer and stronger without discomfort. Thanks to the SWX Pure Feel technology, experience a refined vibration filtration system. Every shot now comes with a rich, unique sound, ensuring you feel and hear your game's excellence.

  • Aesthetic Brilliance: This isn't just a racket; it's a piece of art. A refreshing dual-tone blue design pays homage to the iconic Pure Drive lineage. The bold mirrored 'Drive' logo adds a dash of fierceness, reflecting the power within.

Looking for the best beginner's tennis racket? The Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite is engineered for those just starting their tennis journey. Its unique blend of lightweight design and explosive power ensures you're always ahead in the game. Plus, with enhanced comfort features, it’s a racket that looks after your arm, game after game. Dive into the future of tennis with the Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite.


Elevate your game with the Babolat Pure Drive Super Lite. Whether you're a beginner or a junior player transitioning to adult play, this racket is designed to give you an edge on the court. Experience power, comfort, and style, all packed into one game-changing racket.


Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 255
Head Size (sq. in) 100
Beam Width (mm) 23-26-23
Balance (+/- 5mm) 330
String Pattern 16x19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range 50-59 lbs
Composition Graphite/Tungsten

Elevate your game with the Babolat Pure Drive (2021), a reimagined powerhouse that retains its renowned vigor and introduces enhanced comfort and sound quality.

Babolat Pure Drive (2021): The Evolution of a Legend Having stood the test of time, the Pure Drive series remains an evergreen favorite among tennis enthusiasts. It's an epitome of raw power, appealing to a spectrum of players, from tournament contenders to the passionate intermediates.

Historically, power-oriented rackets often compromised on arm comfort, occasionally leading to tennis elbow. But the 2021 Babolat Pure Drive stands out. It's reengineered with the SWX Pure Feel technology, ensuring power doesn't come at the cost of comfort.

Key Technologies:

SWX Pure Feel

  • SWX PURE FEEL: A state-of-the-art vibration filtration system that disperses vibrations uniformly across the racket. It not only guarantees superior comfort at ball impact but also enriches the touch and feel. Plus, enjoy that signature "Babolat" sound on every strike.

HTR System

  • High Torsional Rigidity (HT) SYSTEM: Boasting a novel lay-up composition, it fortifies the frame's head, ensuring minimal bending at ball contact. This translates to augmented stability and explosive power, particularly on high-velocity strikes.

Elliptic Frame

  • Elliptic Frame: With a design primed for optimal resistance, the frame promises rigidity. This ensures that the energy is efficiently transferred to the ball, culminating in formidable power.

Standout Benefits:

  • POWER: The hallmark of Pure Drive. Regardless of your expertise on the court, this racquet's iconic power delivery remains unmatched. Its enduring popularity isn't just due to its tour usage but also its versatility that ensures any player feels the power at their fingertips.

  • EXPLOSIVENESS: When the going gets tough, the Pure Drive gets explosive. With its new lay-up, it ensures that even off-center strikes are potent, always keeping your opponent on their toes.

  • FEEL: Power, without precision, is pointless. The Pure Drive ensures that every strike is controlled and precise. Dive into an immersive experience that you'll not just feel but also resonate with every unique sound at ball impact.

Experience tennis like never before with the Babolat Pure Drive (2021) – where unmatched power meets unparalleled comfort and sound.