Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485
Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485
Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485
Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485
Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485

Babolat B FLY 21 2023 140485

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B'Fly 21 Tennis Racquet: Perfectly Crafted for the Young Tennis Enthusiast

Product Overview:

Empower the next generation of tennis players with the B'Fly 21, a racquet designed keeping the young budding champions in mind. Understanding the unique challenges that beginners face in tennis, the B'Fly 21 provides the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, making learning tennis as effortless as possible. Its vibrant and colorful design ensures your child will step onto the court with confidence and style. Recognized and endorsed by over 6000 coaches globally, the B'Fly 21 stands as a testament to our commitment to making tennis more accessible and enjoyable for kids.

Key Features:

  1. Specialized Education Tools: Keeping the common questions of young learners in mind, the B'Fly 21 incorporates a teaching grip. The frame also boasts of a uniquely imprinted small ball and racquet visual aid to guide beginners on grip orientation and shot-making.

  2. Ergonomic and Fun Design: The bright and lively design of the B'Fly 21 ensures that kids are always excited to pick it up. The vibrant aesthetics are complemented by its lightweight nature, ensuring kids play with ease and enjoyment.

  3. Tailored for Kids: The aluminium Ballfighter make of the B'Fly 21 ensures durability without compromising on weight. Its larger head provides a forgiving sweet spot, making it easier for kids to connect and enjoy their shots. The grip has been meticulously designed to fit a child's hand, ensuring comfort and control.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Innovative Learning Tools: Make the learning curve smoother with the teaching grip and visual aids. Let your child learn the basics correctly from the very start.

  • Child-Friendly Design: The lightweight structure, combined with a colourful design, ensures that the B'Fly 21 is a hit among young tennis enthusiasts.

  • Boosted Confidence: With a racquet designed for their needs, children can focus on honing their skills, improving their game, and most importantly, having fun on the court.

The B'Fly 21 is revolutionising the way kids learn tennis. Packed with unique educational tools, an ergonomic design, and crafted with state-of-the-art materials, it's a racquet that promises not just to teach, but to inspire. Whether you're a parent or a coach, if you want to provide a young player with the best start in tennis, the B'Fly 21 is the racquet to choose.

Tailored for Growth: Whether your child is just starting out or has had some time on the court, there's a B'Fly variant for every stage:

  • B'Fly 19: Ideal for the little champs up to 5 years old, height 90-105cm. Weighs a feather-light 175g.
  • B'Fly 21: For the budding stars aged 5 to 7 years, height 105-120cm. Weighing 190g.
  • B'Fly 23: The choice for kids aged 7 to 9 years, height 120-130cm. Weighs 205g.
  • B'Fly 25: Perfect for the mature young players aged 9 and up, height 130-140cm. Weighs 220g.

Model name B'Fly 21
Player Level Junior / Kids
Player Style All Round
Balance Point (+/- 5mm) 256
Racket Strung? Yes
String Pattern 14x15
Exact Racket Head Size 92 in² / 594 cm²
Material Aluminium
Beam Width (mm) 19-19-19
Weight 180 grams
Overall length 21" / 53cm