When to update rackets string

String Snap

The obvious one! The most common reason to change your string for the average player is when a string or multiple strings snap in the racket usually caused by a miss-hit. A mis-hit is one that is not within the middle of the racket where there is even stretch of the string around the impact zone. Although not the sole contributing factor, snapped strings caused by mis-hits are more likely to happen when using higher string tensions (24lbs+).

Wear Tear

Another way to determine if you need a restring is to keep an eye on Wear and Tear of the string. This is easily visible to the eye when the outer casing of the string begins to fray and exposes the inner core. If it looks severe enough you should consider restringing it to prevent it from breaking in the middle of a game.

What to do if your strings break ?

If you have snapped a string/s in your badminton racket it is best to cut the strings out of the racket immediately to release the uneven pressure caused by the broken string. This will prevent unnecessary stress on the frame of the racket. To do this you should cut from the centre of the racket out towards the frame.
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