Wilson Blade Feel 25 WR05551 Tennis Racket
Wilson Blade Feel 25 WR05551 Tennis Racket
Wilson Blade Feel 25 WR05551 Tennis Racket

Wilson Blade Feel 25 WR05551 Tennis Racket

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Wilson Blade Feel 25 Junior Tennis Racket

The Perfect Introduction for Young Tennis Enthusiasts:

Introducing the Wilson Blade Feel 25, a racket crafted meticulously keeping in mind the budding tennis stars. The racket not only echoes the performance attributes of Wilson's elite Blade series but also ensures that the juniors experience the joy and thrill of the game.

Key Highlights:

  1. Inspired Design: The electric green hue is more than just a colour. It signifies the legacy of the Blade series and is a constant reminder of the prowess and caliber the racket carries.

  2. Optimal Construction: The fusion of graphite and aluminium in its construction is a masterstroke. This unique blend ensures that the racket is neither too rigid nor too pliable, providing the perfect balance for young hands to manoeuvre.

  3. Targeted Age Group: Specifically tailored for ages 9-10, the Blade Feel 25's size, weight, and balance are all meticulously calibrated to suit the physical dynamics of this age group.

  4. Feel and Control: One of the primary virtues of this racket is its impeccable feel. As the name suggests, the Blade Feel 25 isn’t just about hitting the ball—it’s about feeling every nuance of the shot, an attribute vital for a developing junior.

  5. Protection Ensured: The bumper guard is a thoughtful addition, protecting the racket from potential damage during those ambitious low ground-strokes or accidental drags.

  6. Ready to Play: The racket comes pre-strung, ensuring that the young players can head straight to the court and start showcasing their skills.


The Wilson Blade Feel 25 is not just another junior tennis racket—it's a statement. It promises to be a reliable companion for young tennis enthusiasts, ensuring they learn, evolve, and enjoy the game. With its optimal construction, vibrant design, and the legacy of the Blade series backing it, it's an ideal choice for juniors poised for greatness.

Wilson, Blade Feel 25, Juniors, Tennis, Graphite/Aluminium fusion, Playability, Protection, Pre-strung.

    Head (sq cm) 645
    Head (sq in) 100
    Length (cm) 63.5
    Length (in) 25
    String Pattern 16x19
    Strung balance (cm) 30.5
    Strung balance (pts) -4
    Strung weight (grams) 258
    Strung weight (ounces) 9.1
    Taper System (mm) 22.5mm O beam
    Unstrung balance (cm) 29.5
    Unstrung balance (pts) -7
    Unstrung weight (grams) 243
    Unstrung weight (ounces) 8.57