Luxilon Savage Black 1.27mm/200M Tennis Reel WRZ902100

Luxilon Savage Black 1.27mm/200M Tennis Reel WRZ902100

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Size:200m Reel

Luxilon Savage 1.27mm 200m Reel: Elevate your tennis performance with the cutting-edge Luxilon Savage, renowned for delivering unparalleled spin and feel. A top choice for avid players, here's what sets this string apart:

Optimal Gauge for Peak Performance: Dive into the precision of the Savage string, crafted at a 1.27mm thickness. This ideal gauge is meticulously balanced to offer both durability and playability, ensuring you command the court with every swing.

Experience Spin Like Never Before: What truly distinguishes the Luxilon Savage is its distinctive six-sided shape. This design, meticulously crafted, allows for enhanced ball bite, giving players the advantage of commanding spin like professionals.

Revolutionary LCP Technology: Feel every shot with the Savage string's Liquid Crystalline Polymer (LCP) Technology. This innovation ensures that players experience an enhanced tactile connection with every stroke, adding responsiveness and a touch of finesse to their game.

Power Meets Precision: Designed for the aggressive player, the Luxilon Savage doesn't hold back. Dive into the ideal fusion of raw power and laser-focused control, empowering you to land powerful shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Generous Length for the Avid Player: With a substantial 200-meter reel, the Luxilon Savage 1.27mm string ensures you're always ready for action. Whether it's match day or rigorous practice sessions, having ample string on hand ensures your racket is always in top form.

Conclusion: The Luxilon Savage 1.27mm 200m Reel isn't just a tennis string—it's an experience. Combining unmatched spin potential, superior feel, and a balanced blend of power and control, this string is the secret weapon you need in your tennis arsenal. Embrace the next level of tennis gameplay with Luxilon Savage.