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Yonex Badminton AeroBite Hybrid Restring

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Yonex Badminton AeroBite Hybrid Restring


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Yonex BG Aerobite

Yonex have created their first ever hybrid string combo. The new Aerobite applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes or a solid touch for hairpins that drop straight down. This hybrid combo has alternating gauges and coatings on the mains and crosses, and provides all round quicker repulsion.

Combining Yonex's signature Aerosonic - The thinnest string on the market, Aerosonic from Yonex features a "Compact Filled" construction. This new type of construction fills gaps between filaments with a resin. The foam like system fills the core of the string to enable it to have a more solid feel and durability has increase ten fold. Thanks to the extra durability, Yonex has achieved a tiny 0.61mm gauge, at present the world's thinnest string. Providing great repulsion power and an unbelievable hitting sound. Strung across the racket

And the new Aerobite red string down the mains.

This is available for a full restring on your racket buy selecting this. It is also available for sending your own racket in. Simply send us your racket with a copy of your invoice after purchasing this and we will restring and send back to you at no extra cost. Please make sure you clearly notifiy us of the tension you require. This can be done by either writing it on the invoice you send with the racket, or in the comments section at checkout.

Multifilament Structure Mains: High-Intensity Nylon, High Polymer Braided Nylon
Polyurethane Coating Crosses: High-Intensity Nylon, High Polymer Braided Nylon
Gauge: 0.61mm / 0.67mm
Colour: White/Red

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