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The isometric racquet head of the Japanese brand, Yonex possesses an electric design thanks to the lime green graphic print that dynamises the black base. The light Ezone 100 version is extraordinary ! 

Chosen by Azarenka and Kyrgios, the Ezone 100 285g racquet is an impressive weapon for intermediate level players who are looking for maximum power on each shot.

User Benefits : Power – Comfort – Tolerance - Manoeuvrability

The 285 gram Ezone 100 version offers more manoeuvrability than the heavier version and will satisfy intermediate level players who are looking for a powerful and comfortable racquet.

In order to improve explosive power, the ideal hitting zone has been increased and placed closer to the head of the racquet. Additionally, the 645 cm² head size is more powerful than the former model to increase ball speed and to have the feeling that you will never miss no matter where you contact the ball. 
The 285 gram racquet is balanced at 32,5 cm. This will allow you to easily manoeuvre this racquet and to obtain great stability when striking the ball. 

This Ezone 100 model finds excellent ball speed and it will allow you to easily counter-attack your opponent's heavy shots or powerful serves. 

The 16 x 19 string pattern optimises topspin and perfectly combines power and control. 

Technology :

- HYPER-MODULUS-GRAPHITE : The superior part of the frame was reinforced by the Hyper-MG because when the frame deforms, it will come back into its' original position even faster. The addition of the material provides solid touch and explosive power. 

- ISOMETRIC : The isometric shaped frame optimises the ideal hitting zone (sweet spot), tolerance and power. 

- MICRO OFFSET LAYOUT GROMMETS: These oval grommets help the string to move more linearly and freely. Power is increased by string movement and the vibrations are limited in order to optimise control.

- QUAKE SHUT GEL AIR : found in the heart of the shaft, this cushioning material with 3 layers absorbs 16% more vibrations. 

Level : Intermediate

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