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Fitness Mad Tread Roller

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Fitness Mad Tread Roller

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  • Designed by Athletes for athletes – Our injection moulded tread design is designed with performance in mind! Perfectly adjusted to massage your skin; use It pre-workout to ease the flow of oxygen and blood, releasing toxins to your key muscle groups and prep your body for the work ahead. Then work those areas post-workout, increasing blood flow to aid rehabilitation, work out muscle knots and boost recovery times
  • Excellence you can count on- when you invest in sports equipment You need it to be the best, not only When it comes to purpose, but in its longevity. Our foam Rollers have been bashed around, dropped and tested to their limits so they’re there for you when you need them
  • Unlock your potential- when you look after your body It looks after you. By easing your muscles into the training session ahead and working out muscle knots and aches during cool down; you speed up rehabilitation time dramatically. Then, when it's time to train, you can push yourself to your limits without muscle fatigue and the risk of injury looming over you. This is essential for running and football, where calf and hamstring injuries are ever present
  • Sleek, light and efficient – the tread foam roller will soon become a vital part of your kit! The hollow design means the roller is extremely light while retaining the durability required for our clients. As for cleaning, simply wipe the surface down with a bit of soapy water
  • Versatile- at 32cms long Our roller is perfectly suited for all your muscle groups, from your legs, buttocks, neck, Shoulders, Back And even a full body deep tissue massage! Meaning whether you’ve just come back from a run, a long day in the office or a full 90 minutes of football, your roller is perfect in aiding your recovery, eradicating those aches for days afterwards. From football, rugby, long distance Running and tennis to bouldering, MMA, cross Fit and rowing, we’ve got you covered! Just make sure when you’re packing your trainers and water into your gym bag, grab your tread roller and see where it can take you

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Fitness Mad Tread Roller