YC Sports sneaks into the Yonex 2015 Calendar!

When Yonex kindly sent us a sample of the brand new Yonex 2015 calendar, we were bemused and delighted to see that we’d managed to sneak our way in… sharing a page with badminton superstars Chris and Gabby Adcock, no less!


Chris Adcock wearing the YC Sports logo in the new Yonex 2015 Calendar

…Okay, so we may have exaggerated a bit, but that is a clearly defined YC Sports logo you see perched there on Mr. Adcock’s shoulder. Don’t worry, we haven’t been up to any photoshop mischief here – the Adcocks are valued members of the YC Sports family; we’re proud to have printed their kit and strung their rackets on many an occasion!

Chris plays with a Yonex Voltric Z force, available here…
…and Gabby favours a Yonex Voltric 70, available here.


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