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Tennis Tuesday: Which tennis racket is right for me?

In some of the previous Tennis Tuesday posts, we’ve focused on a number of different rackets – from the Wilson Burn series last week to the Head Graphene XT Speed. So, this week, we thought we’d talk you through some of the different types of tennis rackets available and help you identify which might be the best for you.


Power Rackets
As the name suggests, these rackets pack a lot of power. Typically lightweight (8-9.5 ounces) with heavy or evenly balanced heads, they’re ideal for developing players who are looking to build on their form and technique, for smaller players, or for those who perhaps don’t have a lot of strength. These kind of rackets help to provide easy power on serves and groundstrokes and often have a forgiving frame. Larger heads and wider sweet spots also mean a greater hitting surface, allowing for a higher margin of error.

babolat aeropro lite GT                                            Radical 27
Babolat AeroPro Lite GT                                                                        Radical 27 2014 G2



Control Rackets
Used most often by professionals and players at a high club level. It can be tempting to opt for the same racket as your favourite player, but actually these rackets may not be suited to less experienced players. They tend to be heavier in weight (11.5-13+ ounces), but head-light to retain manoeuvrability. Typically lower power rackets, they are designed for players who create their own power and prefer to be able to place the ball more accurately. Players using these rackets need to already have developed the necessary technique, skill and level of fitness to harness their own power.

babolat aeropro drive play 2                                                 yonex vcore tour f 2

Babolat AeroPro Drive Play                                                                    Yonex VCORE Tour F 97 Tennis



Mid Rackets
Combining qualities from both previous racket types, these rackets tend to weight between 9.5-11 ounces. Their typical low-medium to medium-high power makes them appealing to intermediate to advanced players, recreational players, or beginners/young players who have outgrown their existing racket and are looking for more control. They can also be good choices for players looking to create more spin.


babolat aeropro team GT                                               Wilson 6.1
Babolat AeroPro Team GT                                                                   Wilson 6.1 95

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