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Tennis Tuesday: new Wilson Burn series just in!

Wilson Burn RangeHere at YC Sports HQ, we’re very excited about Wilson’s next generation of performance rackets – the all-new Wilson Burn series. Designed to give booming power, the series is designed for baseline players looking to add some fire power into their hits!

We’re stocking three rackets out of the range: the Burn 100S, Burn 100LS, and Burn 100ULS. Each model utilises Wilson’s Spin Effect Technology to allow for precision spin, and to create heavy, controlled shots. They also include a high performance carbon fibre frame, which increases the frame stiffness to give players explosive power.

The frame is built with a rounded hoop to enlarge the contact zone, allowing for even more aggression in vertical strings. Parallel drilling means that the strings soak up vibrations and pass more energy into the ball, as well as creating a bigger and more forgiving sweet spot. Plus, the X2 shaft has a longer handle greater leverage on two-handed backhands and an improved feel.


Wilson Burn 100S blog bannerThe heaviest of the three rackets, the Wilson Blade 100S is perfect for players 14+ looking to deliver powerful hits.

Headsize: 100/645
Unstrung weight: 10.7oz/303g
Unstrung balance: 33cm/4 pts HL
String pattern: 18 x 16

Buy the Wilson Burn 100S online or in store now!


Wilson Burn 100LS blog bannerThe Wilson Blade 100LS is a lightweight, manoeuvrable but still powerful racket designed for players who are 12+.

Headsize: 100/645
Unstrung weight: 10oz/283g
Unstrung balance: 33.5cm/3 pts HL
String pattern: 18 x 16

Buy the Wilson Burn 100LS online or in store now! 

Wilson Burn 100ULS blog bannerThe lightest of the Spin Effect Tech. rackets in the Burn series, the Burn 100ULS gives effortless swing and an easy-to-play performance.

Headsize: 100/645
Unstrung weight: 9.3oz/263g
Unstrung balance: 33.5cm/3 pts HL
String pattern: 18 x 16

Buy the Wilson Burn 100ULS online or in store now!

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