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First look: Yonex 2015 badminton rackets: Voltric 80 E-tune and Nanoray GlanZ

Today, we’re taking a look at two of Yonex’s brand new badminton rackets for 2015: the Voltric 80 E-tune and Nanoray GlanZ. Both the Voltric and Nanoray ranges are popular with serious players, and we’re expecting these new offerings to go down very well.

yonex voltric 80 e-tune
Voltric 80 E-tune

The most recent addition to Yonex’s Voltric badminton series, the Voltric 80 E-tune combines power and fast racket handling, and is ideal for players looking for exceptional all-round performance. It boasts increased speed on offensive drives and more power on smashes.

Yonex have introduced a brand new Tri-Voltage-System in the Voltric 80 E-tune, which is designed to combine heavy smashes and speedy racket handling. In traditional rackets, extra weight at the top of the racket frame gives more power to hits but lowers racket handling speed, whereas a lighter top increases speed but can mean a loss of hitting power. However, the new Tri-Voltage-System combines these features to give the best of both worlds.

E-tune technology also allows players to customise the weight of their rackets, distributing weight where they want it most depending on the level of power they are looking to achieve. Components of different materials and weights can be added to achieve personal customisation.

e-tune tech

The Voltric 80 E-tune is available to pre-order now! RRP £185


yonex nanoray glanz
Nanoray GlanZ

The Nanoray series is known for being head-light, providing a fast and controlled swing, and the latest member of the Nanoray family is no exception. Being billed as “Yonex’s finest racket”, the Nanoray Glan Z hits even further than ever before.

According to Yonex, this is the result of their recent research into the performance of mid-level players, with the aim of investigating how they might be able to achieve longer distance hits. They discovered that players were hindered by weak arm pronation and supination, which gave them a poor swing speed. Now Yonex have developed new torque-technology which, combined with a larger sweet spot and a design affording a smoother swing, lets mid-level players get the performance they deserve!

With a flexible shaft, the Nanoray GlanZ is also infused with a new creation of Yonex’s: Rexil Fibre. They’ve coupled this with a structure built based on the Torque Power Theory to send the shuttlecock flying even further. Likewise, the whole Nanoray range uses an Aero Frame to provide a fast, controlled swing and enhance repulsion.

We’re very excited to see how Yonex’s “finest racket” will fare when it is released!

Available to pre-order NOW! RRP £210

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  1. we are played baminton what use racket Yonex Voltic Z Forced II . Where the player accordly type defendsive or offencive player ? Thank`s alot

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